C-ASA is the first building totally realized through a timber structure into the Lecco Campus of the Politecnico di Milano

Developed in 2015 within the Year-Zero Workshop in Lecco of ASA, the Advanced School of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano, it is the new POLIMI Sport office box.

The building is the result of the first ASA workshop in the Lecco Campus, coordinated by prof. Manuela Grecchi, where 27 students, selected among the best university students of Politecnico di Milano from the Architecture courses, were asked to develop the concept for a new modular unit to be installed into the Politecnico Campus. The main request of the project brief was to design a modular unit for study or other functions that could be installed around the campuses of Politecnico.

Another challenging aspect to be taken into account during the preliminary design was the possibility to partially supply the energy need for heating, cooling and lighting by the onsite energy production through the exploitation of the natural resources.

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